Linda Phillips: Her Story

The child of fine artist Millie Greene, Linda Phillips was born in 1956, raised in the legendary San Fernando Valley. Disgusted by materialistic values that saturated her environment, she sought refuge in the beauty of nature. At eighteen years old, she left a note for her parents and flew to Hawaii. She did not return for eighteen months.

On the island of Maui, began her work in design, and upon returning, pursued formal training in UCLA's textile design program. Following, she worked as a fabric designer, designing beachwear and home interiors. Her clients included Roxy, OP, O'Neil, Waverly, and many more. Additionally, her designs were featured at the Pacific Design Center.

Currently, she blends her exceptional design skills with a traditional impressionist approach. She resides in the foothills of Vista, CA on an acre of land comfortably nestled in a lush valley. Using tropical plants and fruits as inspiration, she paints vivaciously, regularly receiving prestigious recognition and awards.